Revitalize Tahoe Donner

Tahoe Donner has been an amazing community for my multi-generational family, and I am thankful each day that I am raising my children in such an extraordinary place. That’s why I am so determined to protect the values and character that make this neighborhood so special. I want Tahoe Donner to be as amazing for you and your family as it has been for mine. 

REVIVE POSITIVE LEADERSHIP: Recent Tahoe Donner boards spend more time bickering about their internal divisions than working for you, the members. It’s time to get back to the basics of responsive good governance: transparency, mutual respect, and consensus building. For that we need reasonable, open-minded directors who are ready to make informed, prudent decisions. I will build a trustworthy, informed, and responsive board that deals effectively with our association’s challenges, and that is laser focused on serving all Tahoe Donner members.

REFOCUS ON TAHOE DONNER’S FUTURE: All communities evolve, but some things in Tahoe Donner should never change. We should always remain a welcoming, vibrant, multi-generational mountain community, with attractive and well-maintained amenities, providing all members with a great experience. Unfortunately, not everyone appears committed to these ideals, with some putting short-term political expediency ahead of doing what’s right for Tahoe Donner. I will ensure Tahoe Donner’s bright future by responsibly funding the reserves we need to keep our facilities up-to-date and in line with members’ needs and expectations.

REPRIORITIZE MEMBER ENJOYMENT: When I saw that the Trout Creek Recreation Center was too small to serve our members safely and enjoyably, I initiated a cost-effective expansion project to make sure your facility serves your needs. Instead of planning to meet the needs of all members, recent boards have adopted excessive prices and divisive policies that appear to play favorites while rationing member enjoyment. No wonder so many of my neighbors feel they’re getting less value from owning a home in Tahoe Donner. I will restore Tahoe Donner’s traditional focus on maximizing the value and enjoyment you, the members, derive from owning a home here.

REINFORCE GOOD RULES: They say good fences make good neighbors, but in Tahoe Donner we don’t have any fences. We do, however, have some good rules. I fully support the rules adopted by Tahoe Donner last year to protect our community’s quality of life. It’s important that we have common-sense, neighborly rules for all related to noise, lights, parking, and other issues that sometimes lead to conflicts within our neighborhood. While I will always be open-minded about improving rules to make them fairer and more effective, I will oppose any effort to roll-back any rule that protects Tahoe Donner’s quality of life.

Candidate Statement

REBUILD COMMUNITY CONNECTION: Sadly, the us-vs.-them divisions that have torn through Tahoe Donner in recent years have undermined our feeling of community connection. No members should feel unwelcome because their primary residence is not in Tahoe Donner. No members should feel they are being priced-out of enjoying their own amenities. And no members should feel stigmatized because they rent out their Tahoe Donner homes to make ends meet. These and other divisions have turned neighbor against neighbor, undermine trust, and prevent us from moving positively forward together to benefit Tahoe Donner members. It’s time to rebuild our sense of community, and that begins by talking to one another with open ears, an open mind, and even an open heart.

If you share this vision for improving Tahoe Donner for ALL members, then I would be honored to be your voice on the board.