The Choice

In 1995, my parents built their Tahoe Donner dream home. My husband, Mark, and I realized that this is where we wanted to raise our children. So we traded our Silicon Valley careers for a new adventure in the mountains, building our home here in 2005. After my two children were born, my in-laws bought the house next door as their summer home. Even my brother purchased a condo here. My multi-generation family has enjoyed every aspect of Tahoe Donner life, and lived every kind of Tahoe Donner home ownership: full-time, part-time, retiree, and rental landlord.

THE CHOICE: The uncertainty caused by the pandemic and the hiring of a new general manager could mean big changes for our community. Will Tahoe Donner continue to serve the interests and enjoyment of all members while providing a great quality of life in a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere? 

I’m running for the board to protect Tahoe Donner’s amazing quality of life for ALL members by ensuring maximum member value and enjoyment, by responsibly planning for positive community investments, and by focusing on the shared passions that bring Tahoe Donner together.

MAXIMIZE VALUE & ENJOYMENT: Should we shave a few dollars off the annual assessment or ensure that you get maximum value and enjoyment from your home? I vote for value and enjoyment.

This nickel-and-diming, coupled with ever reducing service levels, sends a clear message to the members: the board would rather trim a bit off the annual assessment than prioritize a quality member experience. No wonder recent surveys show members feel they are getting less value from their Tahoe Donner membership. It’s time to prioritize member value and enjoyment!

POSITIVE INVESTMENT: Should Tahoe Donner defer maintenance and modernization in light of the pandemic, or should it continue to invest positively and strategically to preserve and enhance its facilities and your experience? I vote for positive investment.

The pandemic means that the board will need to make tough, disciplined decisions about our financial priorities. I made similar tough decisions as a director when revenue ran dry during the drought years. I knew then what I know now: we can’t defer investing to maintain and modernize any more than we can defer investing in fire prevention and defensible space.

In fact, because construction costs are lower right now, it is to our financial advantage to continue making strategic investments to bring our facilities up to code, to fix what needs fixing, and to keep pace with the standard of quality Tahoe Donner members expect.

WELCOMING & FAIR TO ALL: Should the board favor certain types of Tahoe Donner owners, or should it serve the interests and enjoyment of all members? I vote for serving ALL members.

Perhaps you’ve seen social media posts dividing Tahoe Donner into conflicting “us vs. them” interest groups: on-hill vs. off-hill, STR operators vs. STR detractors, amenity users vs. non-amenity users. Because of this animosity, some members now feel unwelcome in their own neighborhood.

No matter how you enjoy your home, Tahoe Donner is your community, and you deserve a transparent board that welcomes and respects you, that includes you in its decision making processes, and that makes fair decisions benefiting all Tahoe Donner homeowners without playing favorites.

SHARED PASSIONS, SHARED FUTURE: Tahoe Donner members are bound together by more than mutual interests and common investments. We are also united in our love for mountain recreation and our devotion to our beautiful natural surroundings. And all of us cherish the vitality of Tahoe Donner’s blue-sky days and the serenity of its quiet, starry nights.

Tahoe Donner is an amazing community for all generations, and I want it to be amazing for you and your family. If you share this vision, then I would be honored to be your voice on the board.